Dear Business Leader

With ever accelerating –and utterly unpredictable– change as the only constant around, the quest for better business decisions and better execution of those decisions is now the ultimate managerial imperative.


With this imperative in mind, our mission is to Help Managers Lead and Leaders Manage.


Our services include:


Pandemonium Management™, a powerful, proprietary methodology for multiplying team effectiveness in any organization.


Strategy Technics Workshops, a rich portfolio of management interventions to address a very broad range of business challenges.


Selling Skills Booster, a practical, flexible and enjoyable training progam to take any commercial organization to the next level.


Executive Career Workout™, a personalized, fast-paced program to help business executives break through the dire straits of senior careers.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Albert Einstein

Executive Career Workout

This is a personalized combination of coaching, mentoring and consulting, to help business executives break through the inevitable dire straits of senior careers.

Available both to corporates and to individuals.

Whether you are... up-and-comer eager to accelerate;

...a director-level executive looking further up;

...a CEO weighing your next move;

...or just any business manager seeking growth or experiencing transition;

...utilize the Executive Career Workout to gather momentum towards realizing your full potential.

Feel free to contact the Principal Dr. N. K. Kokkalakis in total personal confidence: