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Be Ready for the Next One

Nikos K. Kokkalakis, Principal

May 2, 2020


Businesses all over the world are looking forward to exiting lockdown with a mix of relief, caution and anxiety. Uncertainty is having a party. No one knows what the new rules of the game will be, how consumers will react, how employees will cope, whether easing the measures will work, or when the virus will resurge. For resurge it probably will.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, father of the term ‘Black Swan’, insists covid19 is a white swan: A pandemic had been predicted for ages, it was therefore, by definition, expected. It nevertheless took everybody by surprise and the consequences are now all over the place. Taleb advises preparing for the unpredictable by building robustness, that is the ability to weather a maelstrom without needing to know its nature in advance. If this is wise regarding the unpredictable, for the predictable it is a must.

Unfortunate but predictable eventualities abound. One can argue about the exact likelihood of a second covid19 lockdown (a near-certainty for lack of a cure or vaccine) or of nuclear war in the next five years (rather improbable, fingers crossed). But both events are not unimaginable, hence are expectable, as is a host of other potential blows in-between, like economic depression, an immigration deluge or all-out war with an aggressive neighbor.

If such risks are expectable, businesses have no excuse not preparing for them. Of course, no plan survives contact with battle. But even if plans often amount to nothing, planning is usually everything.

The Next Big One need not catch unawares anyone. It may be impossible to see a Black Swan coming, but equally menacing white swans are out there in plain sight. Be ready.


Nikos K. Kokkalakis is the Principal of Strategy Technics.